fase construcció i gestió d'immobles

We are committed to a relationship of full trust

We understand that it is not easy to know about the processes and regulations and have the professional contacts in a country that is not your own. We want you to feel free to share all your doubts and wishes with us so we can understand your needs as a family, guide you and create your ideal home.

We developed FASE Construction Management because we realised there was no available advice for all the phases of creating a family home in Girona province or the Costa Brava, especially for families from other countries who want to come to live here and enjoy this privileged environment. Yes, there are real estate managers and construction managers, but they only cover one of the phases of the entire process: either the initial phase of buying the land or the house construction phase.

FASE Construction Management is present in all stages.

We take care of the necessary legal documentation before a notary, real estate administration and management, project creation, construction management and all the construction completion procedures, such as the Certificate of Habitability and Energy Certificate, as well as connecting the water and electricity, etc.

We firmly believe that there is no place like home. For this reason, it is so important to have a team of experts to guide you, organize, direct and supervise the entire process of creating your new home.

FASE Construction Management is this team and includes different professionals, who are all experts in their different areas related to management and construction of homes, including architects, technical architects, interior designers, builders, managers and administrators, etc.

The only way for the process to be a success is to take care of each phase of the project, respecting the quality, deadlines and investment established from the beginning until the end.

Between us and our collaborators we have more than 15 years of experience in the world of architecture and construction.

We will always look out for your interests by choosing from among the best specialized external companies in the area within our circle of trust.