fase construcció i gestió d'immobles

We are your management team.

We are a team of people, who, with our experience and expertise, will make the path to your new home a smooth one. We are not only managers in the construction phase, we are also with you from the beginning and stay until the end and beyond. We manage all the stages of the overall process that the entire construction project involves. We aim to guide you in the area and work as advisers in all aspects so that you have a good and successful experience.

Often the process of building your home can be complicated, and even more so if you are building in another country. For this reason,

FASE Construction Management accompanies you in all the necessary steps:

  • Obtaining your residence permits
  • Research and advice on selection of land
  • Carrying out the appropriate administrative procedures
  • Developing the architectural project
  • Managing licenses in official bodies
  • Hiring tradespeople and professionals
  • Management and supervision of housing construction
  • Monitoring the budget 
  • processing the documentation once the construction work is complete
  • Carrying out the procedures with a notary.

With proximity and trust

The Girona countryside is filled with both the sea and the mountains, which come together so that you can enjoy these natural environments to the fullest. The diverse landscape of this area makes it possible to do all kinds of leisure activities related to nature, sport and gastronomy in an unparalleled natural setting. The weather on the Costa Brava is mild and comfortable, so one season flows into the next and you can adapt gradually, without experiencing extreme weather conditions.

The Costa Brava is a renowned tourist destination, so there are many shopping, leisure and dining options. The province is perfectly connected by motorways and highways, which facilitate both private and public transport. Girona has everything within reach. The pace and cost of living in this medium-sized city and surrounding areas will always be quieter and more affordable than in a large city.

We accompany you throughout the entire process

We master the technical side with our team of architects and technical architects, the creative side with our team of designers and interior designers, and the administrative side with our team of managers and administrators.
This saves you from having to know a lot of laws and procedures and managing them yourself because at FASE Construction Management we are with you from the initial meetings to the end of the project. Your peace of mind comes from having your contact person in the area and from the area with a relationship of complete trust. Leaving the entire process in our hands provides the security that good decisions will be made, saving time and money, and that, in the end, your home is unique and fulfils your needs completely.
Our team will keep you constantly informed about all the steps that are being taken and the evolution of the construction work.

We were born and raised on the Costa Brava, and we know the province of Girona like the back of our hand. We have an entire network of professionals at our disposal, and we can advise you with insight and clarity.

Are you thinking of making an investment?

If you want to invest in homes for sale or rent in the Costa Brava and Girona we can also manage and advise you throughout the process.